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Pricing is dependent upon the size and complexity of the vehicle, as well as the level of effort (how dirty the vehicle is). Each service is priced at a 'starting' price. Pricing can be found at the link description of each service


Vehicle External: Removal of all dirt, road film via chemical and mechanical decontamination process. Vehicle is given a foam bath and hand wash with a two bucket method


One Step Paint Correction to remove light scratches, swirls and return the lustre to your vehicles finish.

* Additional Services available for paint correction


Applying a 6 month sealant to protect the work that was just performed with the decontamination and correction.



Deep Clean -  Includes: carpets and/or cloth seats are cleaned with and extractor and or steam machine and microfiber cloths. A cleaning solution is used on your carpeting and an extractor is used to get all dirt out. Your vehicle's dash, vents, cup holders are cleaned with steam heat. Windows are thoroughly cleaned, inside and out to remove any grime/film that has built up.


Paint Correction

Deep Wheel Cleaning

Engine Bay Cleaning

Winter Recovery

Headlight Restoration

Paint Chip Touch Up

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A collection of vehicles I've detailed with passion

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I've had a passion for maintaining my own vehicle for as long as I can remember, and i'm excited to start this journey to bring that same passion to everyone else.

My career has been in commercial aircraft maintenance for over 25 years. That career is very exacting and detail / process oriented, while detailing is more of an art form. I believe that this is a perfect symbiotic relationship, where process meets artistry. While the products and tools that I use in detailing are widely available to everyone, it is the application of their use that determines the outcome.

I'm dedicated to professionalism within my craft and belong to the International Detailing Association and have been awarded the designation of 'Certified Detailer' as well as 'Skill Validated'. My education within detailing won't ever stop, as i am continually training on different aspects of Detailing, both classroom as well as hands-on training for interior and exterior care. All this to give you the best experience and end result that I can offer.

I believe we all deserve to have the cleanest, sharpest vehicle on the road. For those of us, like myself, who pride themselves on keeping up with the appearance of our vehicles, we typically skip the 'automatic car wash' as they put scratches in the finish. Are you the type to park far away from the main entrance of a store because you don't want anyone to damage your car with their door when they park next to you? Do you get antsy when the sides of your vehicle shows dirt and other deposits after it snows or rains? Do you always want your vehicle to look like new? Are you proud to drive a vehicle that is spotless? If so, you're in the right place. I'll use my skills honed in my technical career, along with my passion for automotive detailing, to bring your vehicle up to a level of appearance that it hasn't had since it rolled off the assembly line.

I look forward to working with you on your project.

Best regards,


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Decontaminated Toyota Corolla after a detailing service
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General inquiries to cost will not be considered a quote on price. Official quotes will not be provided until I am able to inspect the vehicle in person to estimate work effort

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