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Our decontamination process is a multi step process and takes between 3 - 6 hours depending on the level of effort required to remove the decontamination from your vehicle.

During this process your vehicle is washed a few times to remove the contaminants, such as road film, tar, iron deposits and other common issues found on all vehicle exterior.

Wash Based Decontamination

Decontamination wash -  We start with a wash process that assists in breaking down any loose dirt without touching the surface to avoid creating additional scratches or marring. Due to the nature of the process, a wax removing detergent soap will be used  which has a pH of around 10.0.  This is then followed up with a two bucket wash process to remove as much of the surface dirt. This is followed by a thorough rinse.

Chemical Decontamination - These liquid products need to be applied to a dry vehicle. This is a multi step process to remove as much contamination so as not to cause more damage to your paint's appearance.

Chemical Decontamination #1  - Iron Remover - this will loosen and dislodge ferrous metals, while typically found on and aft of breaks, due to vehicle street use, these particles can be found on all areas of your external surface.

Vehicle is then rinsed thoroughly

Chemical Decontamination #2 - Traffic Film Remover. Other contaminants that adhere to your vehicle include oils, road tar, melted rubber. While this chemical decontamination might not get the heaviest of deposits, it removes the majority of contaminants, allowing for the physical decontamination.

Foam Wash #2 - Prior to the start of the physical decontamination it is important to ensure the car is as clean as possible. A pH neutral soap will be used.

Physical Decontamination

Now that all loose dirt and contamination has been removed with a low touch .or no touch methods, via various liquid products, the physical removal of all final embedded contaminants can now occur.

Clay bar - in combination with a highly lubricated solution, the entire exterior painted surface of the vehicle is cleaned with a soft clay bar to remove all other embedded contaminants. While the clay bar is continually kneaded and mixed when working from panel to panel, the clay bar is discarded afterwards due to capturing the embedded contaminants.

Foam Wash #3 - Now that all embedded contaminants have been removed, one final wash to remove all residue to performed to be able to start the correction process.

Rinse & Dry Exterior

Pricing Starts at $350

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