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Before your appointment

(What to expect)

Getting your vehicle detailed should be an exciting experience. There are some things to keep in mind and to do before you arrive at my facility.

Either at the consultation, prior to scheduling the appointment, or prior to arrival, please take a few minutes to think of any items that are important to you or that you are concerned about regarding the appearance of your vehicle. as an example, you may have a stain on your backseat that you would love to see removed, or that scratch that happened at the local store parking lot that you would like to have removed, etc. If you noticed it and you are concerned about it, please ensure you bring it to my attention so that i can make a specific annotation about addressing the concern.

Please take the time to remove ALL personal items from your vehicle. This makes my job quicker, allowing me to get right to cleaning. The only items remaining in the vehicle should be your insurance & registration documents. Any items that are remaining in the vehicle, if an interior detail is being performed for the service will be placed into a plastic bag and placed into the vehicles trunk space at the completion of the service.

Due to the pandemic of Corona virus, I will be servicing you vehicle while wearing personal protective equipment, glove and mask. If you are scheduling an interior service, we will be cleaning and disinfecting your common touchpoints of your vehicle. If you are receiving just an exterior service, we will only be performing a basic vacuum and wipe-down of the interior.

If last minute scheduling conflicts arise, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can reschedule. My time is being dedicated to your vehicle alone, not others, a service fee may be charged to the equivalent of the service scheduled.

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