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Whether you are an automotive enthusiast, selling your vehicle, returning a leased vehicle, or just want your baby to look it's best, I'm here to help you achieve your goals.

Determining Level of Correction Needed

After your consultation you will be given the options for the level of correction that can be performed. While some vehicles might have light scratches that can be removed via this one-step correction, others may want a deeper defect reduction or to reduce scratches that are one the vehicle. While the steps are same, the following are the steps that are taken after the accomplishment of the Decontamination Process for the one step correction:


Inspection - a Color temperature correct light is used to inspect the paint to determine how much correction is required to bring back the shine to customer expectations. All areas of the vehicle will be documented with the level of defects found.

Taping - All trim pieces will be taped off to prevent any compound or polish from coming in contact with the trim.

Compound - each section that needs correction will be worked in a 2 x 2 foot area with 3 passes each, horizontally and vertically.

Panel Wipe - Although the surface is clean from the decontamination stage, we give the surface a final wipe down using a water & Isopropyl alcohol mix. This ensure that is any dust or particles fell onto the surface, it would be free of all materials prior to using the machine polisher, ensuring that we are only correcting what is there, and not introducing additional blemishes. 

Polish -  this is where we can bring out the depth of shine by the proper selection of a polishing cream and pads

Panel Wipe - using a water & Isopropyl alcohol mix, the microscopic residue from the polishing residue is removed to evaluate the results to determine is additional passes are required, or prepare for the protection step.

Pricing starts at $250*

* NOTE: Pricing for anything beyond a one step correction is based on an hourly rate
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