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Paint Protection

The Paint Protection service is only offered on those vehicles that have had the exterior decontaminated. This ensures that the sealant has the best opportunity to adhere to the paint for the longest length of time.

This service is offered in either a paste wax or liquid form, while both are considered a 6 month protection, they can be re-applied to the surface of your vehicle after a maintenance wash within that six month period.

The longevity of the sealant is affected by several factors, mainly exposure to the elements, the longer that the vehicle sits outside and in various elements, will degrade the sealant and shorten the life span. the longevity is also affected by the cleanliness of the surface, optimally your vehicle should be washed minimally every other week depending on the conditions that the vehicle is exposed to in order to maximize the affect of the sealant and the protection for the vehicle.

Prices start at $275

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