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Other Services

Paint Correction


Have more defects on your vehicle than a light one-step polish can remove? I offer paint correction service which can remove blemishes and reduce scratches in the clear coat. Note: Not all scratches are candidates for reduction, those which are to deep or the paint is excessively damaged would not be candidates for these services.

Deep Wheel Cleaning


Brake dust can accumulate, not only on the face of the wheel, but also the inner barrel. Our Decontamination process utilizes the deep wheel Cleaning process, but you can also get this in any other package or as a stand alone. We'll clean the face as well as the barrel from brake dust and road film.

Note: Extended contact with brake dust can lead to clear coat/paint failure on your wheels, this increases the chance for pitting corrosion, so it is important to keep on top of this cleaning.

Wheel Ceramic Coating


Your wheels take a lot of abuse and can be difficult to maintain in an optimal condition. The break dust that builds up can be difficult to remove, and if not removed, can etch into the clearcoat of the wheel which can cause pitting and failure of the paint. To help prevent this, I recommend having your wheels ceramic coated.  In this process I perform a deep wheel cleaning to remove all brake dust, road tar and other contaminants and apply a layer of ceramic coating and allow the ceramic to cure before re-installing the wheels back on the vehicle.

*note*: must be combined with either Deep Wheel Cleaning, Winter Recovery or Decontamination Service

Engine Bay Cleaning


We can also clean the cruft building up under your hood. We'll reduce the signs of spilled engine oil, brake dust, hydraulic fluid and general dirt to make it look as new as the day you drove it off the dealership lot.

Winter Recovery Cleaning

Prices Start at $350

After a winter of driving your car, you may have a lot of salt stuck to places on you vehicle which you wouldn't normally be able to get to.  This service will start with a normal wash, but add on the Deep Wheel Cleaning, as well as undercarriage wash. this ensures that you're ready for the warmer months without the worry about salt eating away at the underside of your vehicle.

Exhaust Tip Polishing


I can restore the luster to your chrome, brushed, or titanium burnt tips  

Headlight Restoration

$100/per light

Modern headlights are usually covered with a plastic shield, that shield, when worn down can start to fade to a yellowish finish, diminishing your headlights output at night, leaving you with a safety hazard.

I will restore the headlight cover to like new condition through a multi-step sanding and polishing and protect the finish with a UV resistant clear coat.

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